• We are grateful that we were referred to Jerilynn for the decorating of our restaurant outdoor space. She is a wizard at pulling together our ideas and thoughts in a congruent manner and delivering a product that is second to none.  We love our new look and so do our customers, we get complements all the time and people linger because they feel so comfortable.
    Sarah F.
  • Jerilynn of Classic Design took all the guesswork out of redecorating our office in Concord. She is a master of pulling together details and achieving the look that was the perfect fit for our company. I would not hesitate to recommend Classic Design, you can count on their expertise, it saved us time and money.
    George W.
  • I ordered my custom couch through Jerilynn and I have received nothing but compliments. I am very, very happy with the couch and the turn around in delivery was faster than anticipated. I want to win the lotto just so I can have Jerilynn do my whole house. That would be my dream! She certainty is talented. I am now using her to do my backyard, order some nice patio furniture and re-do my kitchen nook area.
    Jessica G.


Q- Why should I hire an interior designer?
A- Designers can help you from making costly mistakes. Buying pieces that you may regret buying can be big learning experiences, but painfully expensive ones. Often people go into furniture stores and get overwhelmed with choices. Each piece should be thought out with every other piece in mind. It all needs to go together in the end.
Q- What are the most common mistakes people make?
A- I think it is with the size and scale of furniture. So often I go into homes where they have started purchasing and didn’t measure the space they were working with. Things look small in a store, but once you bring them home they are too much for the space. The other mistake is with color. The biggest hand holding I do is with paint. There is a big difference in the swatch you get at the store and the paint on the wall. I always buy a small container first and put it on a board so we can see the true tone of the paint.
Q- What can I expect to pay for design services?
A- Every designer charges differently. I have always asked for a retainer that I use for time. I charge $95.00 an hour and usually get 20 hours paid in advance. I am very generous with my time and do not charge for every little thing. I give a lot of my time away so that you are never feeling like you are not getting your money’s worth. My clients refer me to their friends constantly. It is a testimony to the way they feel about the job I have done for them.
Q- How does the design process work?
A- First we do an initial consultation. We go through the house and list the things that are most important to you, to get done. We always want to work on those areas that are first on your list. I have contractors and people that I work with that are reliable and that I have a relationship with already. If you are having a problem getting started, working with a designer gets the ball rolling! We are good at keeping you on track and getting things accomplished.
Q- What is “full service” interior design?
A- We can help you with making choices for your remodeling project. Tile and granite, and wood finishes, etc. there are a lot of things that must coordinate when doing a remodel or new home project. We have furniture companies that we work with, and lots of beautiful fabrics to choose from. Draperies can be as lavish or as simple as you wish. Shutters, and all Hunter Douglas products. Rugs and lamps and mirrors, accessories, and when everything is in place, we accessorize the room so it looks finished to the last detail!